Growing up, we have been advised that romantic relationships are ignited by the magical ingredient of “chemistry”; an involuntary reaction of attractiveness to the opposite party sparked by unknown variables. And that without chemistry, relationships are doomed to end. Heart before mind they said.

I would like to argue that the same applies to business relationships. Whether the relationship is between the corporate and an employee, or a customer, or a provider/supplier, finding that match bounds both parties in a special relationship. Although with business, it might be a little easier to identify the “unknown variables”; probable catalysts for this (at times, eternal) bond are:

  • Shared vision
  • Common beliefs
  • Similar corporate cultures
  • Complimenting mindsets
  • Individual integrity
  • Or simply “opposites attract” feature 

Yes, there are instances where there is no chemistry, but the relationship survives in the realm of mutual benefits. In most cases, the financial ones. Yet, these relationships do not prosper, lack the genuine sincerity leading to continuity, or end abruptly.

Take a moment to reflect on your most successful business relationships and diagnose their foundations, building blocks, and possible longevity basis. It is those kind of relationships that you should pursue, whether you are an employer, an employee, a service provider, or a manufacturer. For bad relationships drain the positive energy out of you leaving you with feelings of resentment, misplaced obligation, and possibly overwhelming tides of anger. 

As with romance and life partners, choose wisely to sustain a long, healthy relationship that you can reap its benefits rather than suffer from its wrath. Difference is though with business relationships, you would first need to assess the partner with the mind (business objectives, qualifications, experience, etc.) before making the heart and chemistry influence the decision. The choice is always in your hands.

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