Above is the saying that promotes mediocrity. The mentality that inhibits innovation. The direction that limits abilities. And the mentality of management that promotes status quo.

I am not an advocate of “let’s scratch it all and start anew” but I am also not the one to stand aside as the “if it’s flowing, let’s not redirect the stream” spirit is present. 

Critical and constructive analysis of everyday business proceedings is a must in an ever-evolving business setting. External and internal factors influence the way we conduct business on an ongoing basis necessitating change and enticing the need for change management. This could be evident in a shakeup for the supply chain management, or the packaging of a product, or a facelift for the brand logo, or even the weekly team meeting agenda. It could be as major as a leadership overhaul or as minor as tweaks to the greeting message on the corporate telephone line.

There is always a better way of doing business. To identify more efficient alternatives, business leaders need to encourage the spirit of improvement among the staff, stay on top of local and global news, and to keep their eyes, ears, and minds open.

The ultimate results would not only be financial rewards but could also be realized in higher staff retention rates, more satisfied customers, streamlined operations, and a competitive and sustainable business built to withstand “come what may.”

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