Business leaders lose sight. They lose focus. They lose direction.

Now, I am not saying they are flawed or incompetent, I would point the culprit finger at the day-to-day management of operations. When business leaders are drowning in the minute details of keeping the business afloat or meeting sales targets, the bigger picture fades into the background. It could also be an indication of micro-management, meaning the organizational structure, and possibly culture, need a shake-up. Or, it could be a result of excessive horizontal or vertical expansions exhausting the business’ resources. Alternatively, it could also be a symptom of the lack of capable human resources within the organization, able to execute the functions of each role efficiently.

So, what does that “loss” mean to the business? It means that the original mission and vision get diluted. That acquired and prospective clients would become dissatisfied in the short or long term leading to lost business. That the potential upon which the founding idea was built could become unachievable. Ultimately, it means that the business would stall and possibly dive nose down into oblivion.

The remedy to this issue could be simply summed up in two words: perspective and context. They are not really words, but rather actionable plans.

  • PERSPECTIVE: Business leaders should assume the role of the title, to be leaders, meaning they would need to step back and look at the macro image. Whether that could be achievable through hiring extra (competent) staff, further delegation of responsibilities, or simply by letting go of micro-managing staff, it is a required step. This would allow business leaders the breathing space, away from the daily routine, to analyze, critique, and evaluate the current standing in accordance with where the business should be as per the original business plan. In short, if your perspective is limited to the 9-to-5 lens, then you would not see beyond the day’s achievables. Business leaders need to have perspective of the overall goals to lead the business towards that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • CONTEXT: Considering the internal and external environments within which a business operates helps business leaders acquire context. If the business is struggling and business leaders look at the world economy which is crashing, then the context of the struggle becomes comprehensible. Alternately, if the sector is thriving, and the business’ slice of the pie does not exceed a sliver, it could be time to re-strategize. If you can’t see the bigger picture, to determine where/why/how you stand, the tunnel vision syndrome would ultimately get the best of you. Adding context to the equation could open up the field to seek new business ventures, halt existing ones, undergo a brand facelift, shuffle personnel around departments, or simply appreciate the milestones achieved against the set targets of the business.

The business DNA stimulates the potential and provides guidance to the consequent business leaders, whether they be owners or hired employees. Without an original vision, there would be no perspective. Without a mission, context would be mismatched. Set the proper foundation at the initiating phases to build a sustainable business.

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