I can’t keep count of how many ladies (and men for that matter) I have interacted with who feel lost because they have yet to reveal their life purpose. And that notion leaves them overwhelmed, frustrated, and at times downright helpless.

And towards that venture, there are those who seek out the guidance of Life Coaches and Mentors, others who attend every workshop and seminar they could find, more trace the steps of every public figure who claims they could help people discover themselves, and then those who just leave it to fate and believe that the Universe will send the signs when the time is right. None are wrong in their quest; each has their way. They are all doing an action towards the same goal, each in their own manner.

The frustration arises though when all these paths lead to dead ends.That being said, it is important to note that your life’s purpose is not an end goal marked with a large banner and you get balloons and confetti to celebrate reaching that point! Actually, your life purpose is organic and could shift and grow with you as you experience more of life. Or it could simply include tweaking of the purpose umbrella.

Your reason for being, AKA your purpose, provides you with a shortcut across many hindering blocks on your personal, academic, professional, and/or entrepreneurial journey.

As per Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles – authors of IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – everyone has an IKIGAI (raison d’étre) hidden deep inside and that is the reason we get up in the morning. It is the overlapping intersection where what you are good at (profession), what you could be paid for (vocation), what the world needs (mission) and what you love (passion) meet.

IKIGAI has been found to be at the core of why people live beyond 100 years of age (the centennials). It is also the reason why there isn’t an equivalent to the word “retirement” in Japanese. That is because everyone wakes up with a sense of purpose / feeling worthwhile. Yet, it isn’t a concept in a vacuum that leads to longevity and energy, it also includes other elements such as:

– Integration into a community leading to sense of belonging and usefulness

– Taking care of your mind, body and soul through nourishing nutrition, physical activity, and mental health

– Keeping an active mind and reducing stress.

There have been books written about this concept, and I would encourage you to explore it further. It is an invigorating outlook on life indeed.

My IKIGAI presented itself to me in the form of assimilating & dispersing my knowledge towards positively impacting a person(s) life on a daily basis! And that is what gets me out of bed every morning 😊

What would your IKIGAI be?

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