Approximately nine years ago as we were walking out of a productive pitch meeting for our newly established business, my ex-business partner (& ex-best friend) turned towards me and laughed as she said “That’s why we work well together. I’m the burger and you’re the fries 😊

We laughed about it as we head to the car and back to the office. Somehow, though, my gut didn’t feel that was funny. It felt quite demeaning. Needless to say, I shushed my gut and carried on for another 1.5-2 years before the business partnership, the friendship, and alongside my mental and physical health, fell through. The downfall was a result of discordance.

I am not sure what made me remember this statement now. Possibly because I have been working on uncovering my blocks lately. This could have been one of those defining moments; one of those ‘I’m not worthy by myself’ imprints.

Looking back, and looking at the present, I now KNOW that I am not just a ‘side of complementing fries.’ I am a full meal. A full five-course meal for that matter. Independently. 😉

And, I know that we could potentially also complement one another in the best of ways. Empowering ways. And that by coming together to form alliances, we are not coming from a place of individual incompleteness. Rather from one of added-value. One of lifting each other up, of an alternate worldview lens. Else, the union could indeed become a disempowering one.

I am whole.

I am also a part of a coherent entity of wholes. A Universe of empowering wholes.

How are you honoring your wholeness today?

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