Find time to prioritise yourself without sacrificing and over giving – so you can meet your own needs, calm the unrest inside your head and get to where you want to be 

At the moment you’re:

  • Feeling dissatisfied about where you are now, and where you want to be 
  • You’re giving too much of yourself and you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life like reading a book
  • Feeling blocked from finishing projects you’ve started
  • Not finding enough time for quality moments with your loved ones because of time management or you’re just mentally and physically exhausted
  • Doing so many small things that consume all of your energy 
  • Not meeting your own needs and feeling guilty in your relationships

You’re also:

  • Not putting you and your business first and your boundaries are slipping
  • Running around trying to catch up, having unfinished tasks and not sticking to your priorities
  • No “me” time because you’re always the lowest priority, you don’t take care of yourself, so you end up drained and feeling the need to escape

You’re lying in bed at night and scanning your entire day thinking, what do I need to do tomorrow? And wondering “did I do everything I wanted in my life?”

What you really want:

  • To find time for you without compromising on your responsibilities towards your loved ones


  • Feel fulfilled on the inside and see your impact more visibly
  • Stop overthinking, calm the unrest inside your head
  • Understand your patterns of behavior, have discussions to be able to analyze and understand the pattern

You’d love to:

  • Be able to do what you want without feeling scared that everything underneath will topple and fall
  • To work smarter, not harder
  • Analyze different scenarios with someone who has a different perspective & highlight an area for you that you might not be seeing for yourself
  • Be supported each week
  • Brainstorm with someone
  • Have someone there to help you reflect, have someone help you slow down, someone who can make sure you’ve processed everything so when you move forward you’re on solid ground


Give yourself permission to stay in your pjs all day, watch TV, eat nourishing food, and just have an afternoon all to yourself!

Introducing Hot Seat Coaching

Hot Seat Coaching is a membership-based woman-only coaching group hosted on Facebook.

It is an affordable group coaching program for you to prioritize yourself without sacrificing and over giving – so you can meet your own needs, calm the unrest inside your head and get to where you want to be.

1 x 60-minute Live Coaching session every week

We will have a private women-only Facebook group where we will have a scheduled weekly live coaching call with one of the group members

We will rotate between the group members so you can relate to a variety of struggles shared and tips & tricks to tackle them, as we collectively build a warm, supportive, judgment-free community environment

The sessions will remain on the group for your reference, to offer each other support and feedback, and for any further inquiries/clarifications you might need.

Mindset Seeds

Hanan has been a major anchor in my own journey to launch my own business while caregiving for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s. Taking care of myself in midst of life changing events was a challenge on its own, but to also ensure that I am following my career path or dream was magnifying this challenge. Hanan has a unique coaching support system, the wellness part, but the cherry on the top – more of a watermelon actually 😊  is the business side support where she is capable of breaking it down with its marketing, branding, and communicative elements to pieces and supporting you not to lose any of those elements when your launching your business. Doing this gives you the time and allows you to take care of yourself and your own wellness while she helps you juggle the rest of the balls.

Dalia Abou Senna

As Brene Brown owns the word “Vulnerability,” Hanan El Bahsa owns the word “Aspirations.”

Hala Jawad

An opportunity for you to feel heard, know that you aren’t alone and feel empowered with the tools to change your life and point it in the direction you truly desire. 

By showing up and investing in yourself, you’re telling the universe that you’re ready to manifest everything you want into your life.

Meet Hanan

She has been dubbed Dr. FeelGood and the “Oprah of the Middle East”

Dr. Hanan El Basha, The Business Doctor, is a Business & Mindset Coach supporting women find themselves (once again), shift their mindset to unlock and execute on their inner power, and (potentially) find their entrepreneurial spirit.

She has been featured on tens of live podcast and webinar discussions talking about topics that constitute her mission: women empowerment in business, wellness, and mindset. She openly shares her insights and tips & tricks of how she transformed her life from a burnt-out over-achiever to a consciously-leading worthiness advocate on all social media platforms.

She also has her own Arabic radio show on Cairo Business Radio – “What’s Next?” talking all about Mindset and the applications within the Entrepreneurial Mindset and self-development frameworks. And, as an extension of her Facebook group for women “Empowered to Grow” she has launched her podcast also titled “Empowered to Grow” featuring conversations with women around the globe who have consciously taken a stand against adversity and perceived obstacles and have empowered themselves and others to grow.

There were so many “aha” moments during and after the sessions … things that you have shed light on – and you definitely met and exceeded my expectations! 


I needed someone to support my thoughts on my life’s direction and to help me collect and organize my scattered thoughts. My time management has [also] become much easier with journaling; and for that, I give you credit.

Huda Al Dosari

It was great bouncing ideas as well as to have someone that was as invested as myself in the business to talk to, who is also knowledgeable and shared their knowledge generously. I would recommend others to be coached by Hanan – specifically for people who have a lot of ideas but not able to focus and connect them together clearly. 

Nada Al Saadi

I enjoyed the coaching sessions and the whole exercise was inspiring, it helped me understand my strengths and also my limitations, which is very important to have a good level of self reflection – I definitely came out with new insights

I would definitely recommend the course to others 


This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to take that first BIG step to explore what coaching is about without putting in major time and money investments
  • You want to do something different with your life but you don’t know where to start
  • You feel like feel now is the time for you to change your life around but you don’t know how to do it
  • If you feel like you can’t afford any resources (time, money, energy) to save/invest in yourself

This program is NOT right for you if:

  • You’re content to stay where you are right now
  • You want private one-on-one coaching. This is a community, group coaching program
  • You aren’t willing to put in the work to make the changes necessary to transform your life

Special offer:

FREE 60-minute private 1-on-1 coaching session to the first 5 who sign up for
the 12 month membership!

Refund Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free

If you signed up for the 6-month or 12-month membership and attend your first session and you don’t see any value in how I can support you, we’ll happily refund your payment.

This means you can get a refund if you decide you don’t want the support of coaching and if you still don’t think it’s for you, no guesswork needed.

If you think there is even a small chance Hot Seat Coaching can work for you, you should enroll today.

Month on month subscription

(Cancel anytime)


6 months upfront

(1 month free)

👉  Save $35


12 months upfront

(2 months free)

👉 Save $70


❌ Doors to the program are currently closed❗️

How much time do I need to set aside each day?

If you would like to ask questions while the live session is on, then you need to set only 1 hour on the side on a weekly basis. Any extra time you spend socializing and supporting in the group is optional and also encouraged 😉

When do we start?
The first live session will take place on Tuesday 3 November 2020 at 2:30 pm (New York time) 5:30 pm (London time), 7:30 pm (Cairo time), 8:30 pm (Doha time), 9:30 pm (Dubai time).
After that, a weekly live session will be held every Tuesday at the same time. The sessions will remain on the Facebook group so you can view them later if you can’t attend the live session.
Do I need to have my camera on?

If you are a viewer, then no, your camera does not need to be on. If you want to be on the Hot Seat and be coached live, then yes, it would be preferred to have your camera on as we will be streaming from our Zoom call live to the Facebook group.

What if I want to cancel?

You have the option to cancel your membership at any point in time. If you are enrolled to the monthly-based membership, then no additional charges will occur on your account. For those enrolled in the 6-month and the 12-month memberships, then you will also have a total refund option.

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