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Heal your dysfunction & relationship with money

Afford to do things you enjoy as a way of life rather than working your ass off to live for the weekend

Have more control over when, where and how you work

You want all of the above, but that’s not exactly where you are right now.

Talking about money makes you cringe, you are feeling nervous about the economy & you’re not feeling abundant

You’re wondering how or if you can earn money from your current work or maybe thinking having money will make you greedy


You think you’ve gotten complacent with your money

Need a re-fresh on your financial goals and plans for the new year

Have more control over when, where and how you work

Want to be able to pay bills or buy what you want without worrying


Let’s talk Money

Discover your financial blueprint and create your millionaire money mindset

Planning financially for the future
Learn the secrets of the millionaire mind
Have a plan that’s easy to follow
Financial independence & wellbeing
90-minute masterclass to help you achieve your money goals

This masterclass is offered at a VERY special price!

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Normally one-on-one sessions with Hanan are $500

You will get access to decades of experience for a fraction of that price


You will have access to the replay for life

Included for FREE is an Excel speadsheet worth $19.95 to help you get set up and organized with your money

What is covered in the masterclass:

Setting up a financial vision board

Healing your relationship with money

Financial blueprint & money mindset shifts

Tools & tactics, resources and recommended money books

Moving to the next level with your finances

You speak so eloquently – a pleasure to listen and learn from – thank you. The concepts you shared are very deep and thought-provoking, you have a way of sharing and articulating them so that they hit us right in the heart spot of where we can understand and apply them to our lives… One of the big takeaways for me was being able to drop into myself and look at the fear that has been holding me back. I’m taking baby steps and your inspiration is so needed by me and the world and much appreciated sister!

Holly McClain

I have to be honest. I went into my session with Dr. Hanan with a bit of skepticism, thinking “How could someone who doesn’t know me, guide me?” I was quickly proven wrong – there were so many A-Ha/light bulb moments during our session. Dr. Hanan was able to identify issues & mental roadblocks that had been deeply engrained in my subconscious without my even realizing & gave me tools to help me confront these roadblocks that were holding me back in both my personal life & business so that I could move forward in my journey toward achieving my best life & my business dreams. It was a real eye-opening/heart-opening session. Dr. Hanan is a true blessing – she tells you how it is; no fluff, no judgment.

Dalia Rashdan

I spent 2hrs on my first call with Hanan and she “Tony Robbined” me in the best way possible. The session was not as I expected I showed up prepared with numbers but was asked to face my mindset and a fear-based story about visibility, success, and creativity. I cried my eyes out, pfffffff this work is hard but beautiful once you realize the power you have to change the colors of your life. Right away after the session, I felt ideas flowing again, the session reminded me of how important it is for us as women to heal the mother wound it’s the core of everything.

Walaa Colorways

Can I congratulate you on your amazing 1-on-1 session with me, listening to your feedback of my dream business, was like waking into reality with clarity, you embraced my ideas & cleared the grey area’s for me, in such a way I’m very pleased to say, I now know how to set the wheels in motion to make my dream the reality, I cannot thank you enough for your time, your empowering & embracing words, your actions are angelic & inspiring. Women up, thanks to you I now will never give up.

Natasha Copas

I’d say the thing that I really took away was: get as specific as possible about what you want to do & who you’re speaking to, then go for it. Adjusting course whilst on the path is part of the journey & be kind to yourself in the process. All incredibly valuable when you are entering uncharted territory & are working things out as you go. So thank YOU for that kind reminder!

Sally Sampson

Who is this for:

  • Women who have been avoiding their money issues
  • Women who have virtual service-based businesses
  • Women who want to manage their money resources in an empowering way

The workshop includes:

90-minute masterclass including walk through Excel Financial Planning worksheet

This workshop is offered at a VERY special price!

Join us for a one-time-only payment of  USD$29 👇

Normally one-on-one sessions with Hanan start at $500

You will get access to decades of experience for a fraction of that price


You will have access to the replay for life

Included for FREE is an Excel speadsheet worth $19.95 to help you get set up and organized with your money

I reached out to Hanan when I was having a little conundrum with my start-up. In a matter of an hour, I walked away with a clear direction and strategy, renewed sense of confidence and a full heart. What’s different about Hanan is that she approaches things with a human view – she not only looks at the business and identifies areas of growth, but coaches you and empowers you in the process. There is no business mumbo-jumbo with Hanan, you truly feel like you are working with a friend that has your best interest at heart. I feel great knowing I can book a session with her whenever I need that support.

Shaikha A.

I needed someone to support my thoughts on my life’s direction, and to help me collect and organize my scattered thoughts. You have done that for me, and have gone beyond to help me discover a hidden talent of mine: cooking. I would also like to add that my time management has become much easier with journaling; and for that, I give you credit.

Huda Al Dosari

There were so many “aha” moments during and after the sessions … things that you have shed light on – and you definitely met and exceeded my expectations! 


I wanted to let you know that I just finished about 3.5 hours of binge watching the three workshops and I loved every single one of them!! Thank you so much for doing this. I AM inspired, motivated, and more than ever, EMPOWERED to really take the first step in my business.

There were so many things that you said that really resonated me, especially all the parts on never feeling like you’re good enough or have enough knowledge. You have an skill (or a gift, or both) for connecting with people. I can absolutely feel your empathy and love through the screen, so please keep doing what you’re doing. Lastly, I love the vision and mission behind your work. I think it is so needed and I think you are GREAT at it.

Thank you again for the workshop and for sharing your knowledge, love and empathy with us all. It is so so valuable.

Sama El Baz

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Meet your host

Dr. Hanan El Basha, DBA, MBA, ASMEC, INHC

  • 25+ years professional experience – Corporate and Entrepreneurial

Founder | The Business Doctor

Co-founder & CEO | The Global Businesswomen

Managing Director | Founder Institute GCC

Senator for Egypt | World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF)

Advisor | Loyal VC

The Business Doctor is a boutique business growth advisory firm headquartered in London, UK, providing services to select clients in the Middle East, Europe, and North America delivered via a distinguished team of experts across the globe.

Hanan has been a major anchor in my own journey to launch my own business… Hanan has a unique coaching support system, the wellness part, but the cherry on the top (more of a watermelon actually 😊) is the business side support where she is capable of breaking it down with its marketing, branding, and communicative elements to pieces and supporting you not to lose any of those elements when you’re launching your business. Doing this gives you the time and allows you to take care of yourself and your own wellness while she helps you joggle the rest of the balls.

Dalia Abou Senna

The Dalia Wellness

It was great bouncing ideas as well as to have someone that was as invested as myself in the business to talk to, who is also knowledgeable and shared their knowledge generouslyI would recommend others to be coached by Hanan – specifically for people who have a lot of ideas but not able to focus and connect them together clearly. 

Nada Al Saadi

As Brene Brown owns the word “Vulnerability,” Hanan El Basha owns the word “Aspirations.”

Hala Jawad

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