In celebration of World Mental Health Day

Tackling Mental Wellness in the Workplace 

Wellness beyond mental health

What is leaveism and how is it affecting individuals?

Depression, anxiety, burnout and financial worries and how it affects employees

What is the cost of poor mental health at work?

The leading causes of workplace issues and absences

What can employers do? What can YOU do?

Meet Your Hosts

Susanna Harkonen

Psychological Counselor & Workplace Mental Wellness Expert

Inner Work

Nermine Fawzy 

Senior Partner



Jocelyne Elias

Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health Specialist

Mindset Rewire

Dr. Hanan El Basha 

Business and Mindset Coach

The Business Doctor

More about your panelists


Susanna Harkonen is Counseling psychologist, and expert on mental wellness at work. She worked globally for the International Labor Organization, and had considerable international business management  experience before she dedicated her life to improving mental wellness at work.

Susanna is a Certified Trauma Therapist, Certified Grief Therapists, and professionally trained in many areas including neuroscience, positive psychology, and Mental Health First Aid for organizations.  She works with organizations, coaches & therapists and offers individual counseling to people around the globe.

Her purpose and passion is to make mental wellness the new normal in organizations, and empower stressed professionals to take charge of their lives and feel better at work.

Susanna Harkonen

Psychological Counselor & Workplace Mental Wellness Expert, Inner Work

Nermine Fawzy

Senior Partner, FosterEdge

Nermine Fawzy is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience across different industries. With a strong focus on human capital and business strategy and a passion for technology, Nermine has worked across and managed large projects globally, regionally and locally, always focused on results as a success driver. Whether in establishing strategy, human capital functions, or organizational development, her experience in M&As, re-structuring, and building for the future has consistently been focused on business value and sustainability.

Nermine is currently Senior Partner at FosterEdge, a Dubai-based business advisory and support firm that she co-founded in 2019. She also serves as a founding board member at VentuRight, an associate partner to Investia Group with the mission to provide pre- and post-investment support to Investia potential and portfolio technology companies in the areas of strategy, technology, and operations. Finally, Nermine is a founding board member and the CEO of Techr, an HRTech firm specialized in digital employee experience and productivity solutions.

Jocelyne Elias is a Mindset Coach, speaker and writer who works with Organizations and Individuals enabling Personal and Professional transformation through simple yet powerful Brain Science methods and tools. She is a highly intuitive coach and trainer with an uncanny ability to see the heart of a problem and offer solutions that enable her clients to make quick sustainable change.

After more than 15 years in the Corporate world-leading various positions in Marketing and Brand Communications with Multinational Organizations, Jocelyne embarked on a journey to uncover the roots of Wellbeing, Success and Human Potential to bring a true and everlasting transformation in people’s Personal and Professional lives. Jocelyne went on a quest in Brain Science and Health, Science of Success and acquired her certifications in Applied Neuroscience – Neuroplasticity, besides her license in, Wellness Coaching and Psychology of Eating to empower individuals and individuals within organizations on their path to Personal Success and a Fulfilling Life.

Jocelyne Elias

Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health Specialist

Dr. Hanan El Basha

Business & Mindset Coach

Hanan has been dubbed Dr. FeelGood and even the “Oprah of the Middle East

Her mission: women empowerment in business, wellness, and mindset. She openly shares her insights and tips & tricks of how she transformed her life from a burnt-out over-achiever to a consciously-leading worthiness advocate on all social media platforms.

Dr. Hanan El Basha supports women to find themselves, shift their mindset to unlock and execute on their inner power, and find their entrepreneurial spirit.

Dr. Hanan has 22+ years of professional experience, approximately 15 of those within small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – 6 of these years she spent co-founding and running startups herself. She has a doctorate degree in International Business, specializing in sustainable growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises, an MBA in Marketing, is an Accredited Small & Medium Business Consultant, and is a Certified Integrative Health Coach.

Her podcast “Empowered to Grow” features conversations with women around the globe who have consciously taken a stand against adversity and perceived obstacles and have empowered themselves and others to grow.

Hanan El Basha The Business Doctor
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Tackling Mental Wellness in the Workplace

• We discuss: Wellness beyond mental health

• Depression, anxiety, burnout and financial worries and how it affects employees

• What can employers do? What can YOU do?

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