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Dr. Hanan El Basha, The Business Doctor, has been dubbed “Dr. FeelGood” and even the “Oprah of the Middle East” following tens of appearances on webinar and podcast discussions talking about topics that constitute her mission: empowering women in business, startups and SMEs, sustainable growth, and entrepreneurial mindset and wellness.

I went into my session with Dr. Hanan with a bit of skepticism, thinking “How could someone who doesn’t know me, guide me?” I was quickly proven wrong – there were so many A-Ha/light bulb moments during our session. Dr. Hanan was able to identify issues & mental roadblocks that had been deeply engrained in my subconscious without my even realizing & gave me tools to help me confront these roadblocks that were holding me back in both my personal life & business so that I could move forward in my journey toward achieving my best life & my business dreams.

Dalia Rashdan

Can I congratulate you on your amazing 1-on-1 session with me, listening to your feedback of my dream business, was like waking into reality with clarity, you embraced my ideas & cleared the grey area’s for me, in such a way I’m very pleased to say, I now know how to set the wheels in motion to make my dream the reality, I cannot thank you enough for your time, your empowering & embracing words, your actions are angelic & inspiring. women up, thanks to you I now will never give up.

Natasha Copas

You have a skill (or a gift, or both) for connecting with people. I can absolutely feel your empathy and love through the screen, so please keep doing what you’re doing. Lastly, I love the vision and mission behind your work. I think it is so needed and I think you are GREAT at it.

Sama El Baz

I reached out to Hanan when I was having a little conundrum with my start-up. In a matter of an hour, I walked away with a clear direction and strategy, a renewed sense of confidence and a full heart. What’s different about Hanan is that she approaches things with a human view – she not only looks at the business and identifies areas of growth, but coaches you and empowers you in the process. There is no business mumbo-jumbo with Hanan, you truly feel like you are working with a friend that has your best interest at heart.

Shaikha A.

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Follow our conversations with Empowered Women, who woke up one day and consciously claimed I am, more than enough, I am worthy, I am empowered to grow. And along their empowered journey towards realising their potential and their quest for growth they became a beacon of hope and guidance for others.

May you also find your inner power to grow.

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